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2 months ago

You can easily tell the difference between a woman who isn’t dominant, but is willing to try to be and women who are actually dominant. Kendra is one who loves being dominant and genuinely enjoys every second of it. No matter what kind of session, you’re looking for, Kendra is able to easily dominate you with a smile on her face. The clips we shot together are top selling and it’s easy to see why. From the moment you introduce yourself, she towers over you and can be very intimidating. Prior to your session, however, Kendra appears personable and very easy to talk to. Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you, though. Kendra is not to be underestimated. If you’re looking for a fun and fullfilling session, then look no further.  


5 months ago 

Just had the EXTREME pleasure of working with Kendra in Atlanta. Very professional, mad funny, fantastic personality. BOOK HER ASAP 10/10 highly recommended.


1 year ago 

I had the pleasure of working with Kendra during her last Texas stop. She’s got a fun personality and is hilarious. She’s got a laid-back vibe but is also professional in the way she does business. She’s got a variety of interests and is non-judgmental. She’s efficient on set as well. She’s definitely got the muscle for any style wrestling sessions. She has a great presence on camera as well as off it, and I will be booking her again and recommend others do so as well. I recommend Kendra for shoots and sessions.


8 Days Ago

Here’s a Review. It’s Long, it’s episodic, it’ll require an attention span longer than Tik Tok. This is your first and final warning.

Okay, now that you’re still here allow me the honor of introducing to some and announcing to others the debut of a new star in the making! I truly believe that Kendra Allure has ALL that it takes to not just impress in this industry but truly make impact in our niche community. Our session has only assured of my confidence! She already has athleticism and physicality covered. However, coupled with eagerness to learn, curiosity of martial arts, and desire for greater challenges and adventures she will become phenomenal session wrestler. She is already a phenomenal woman.

Booking with Kendra was a practical breeze! I messaged her possibly two days before she was to arrive. We booked within a couple of hours that day! Her professionalism is extraordinary! From initial contact email to booking took maybe an hour. Keep in mind, this was within 24 hours’ notice. Another quality that I admired about her as I do with most people, she is a absolute straight shooter! She just laid everything out to me, no fluff, no frills. I love that! Booking with her was a breeze! It’s refreshing to be in touch with someone that is self-assured and can cut to the chase! I will now imitate her example and get to the good bits of our meeting.

I was greeted with a warm smile! This was a plus because I ran about 15 minutes late (a habit that I’m working on constantly). The usual nerves set in and then settled down once she opened the door. I noticed something unique about Kendra, her authenticity. When she had her moments to be chilled, you mind as well call her “Sub Zero” LOL! Honestly, I love it! I personally am not into the “role play” at the door and/or performative gleefulness. Allow me to end the speculation, Kendra HAS an incredible personality and was very kind to me. She was just authentically her! Once again, I love it. You understand why soon enough! While we shared conversation, I set up the mats that I brought. She was pleasantly surprised that I brought mats, even if they set up a small area. She then told me about her previous session where she wrestled on the BARE FLOOR. On padding, no bed sheet, just THE FLOOR! It then where I understood that though I was she an incredibly beautiful Amazonian woman, but she was tough as nails too! By the way, her opponent was a 6’6″, 240–250-pound giant of a man, the size of your typical NFL Defensive Lineman. She fought this man to a standstill on THE BARE FLOOR. Another side note, that floor was hard as hell! I knew that she was no dainty, fragile rose but now I understood that I was contending with a true warrior!

To offer some relief, I jokingly stated, “well, now that you’ve wrestled The Rock (Actor: Dwayne Johnson) now you get to wrestle Kevin Hart.” LOL! After a couple more preliminaries and chats we slapped five, bumped fist and got things rolling. The very first thing that I noticed about Kendra is how Astonishingly STRONG she is! Her way towards her first pin on me I’ve already had a preconceived notion of her strength. It wasn’t until I felt her strength that I developed this reaction: HOLY S#!… SHE STRONG! I’ve had the privilege to share the mats with several ladies now. I can respectfully proclaim without hyperbole that Kendra Allure is TOP 3 in pure strength! This called me to implement some more agile maneuvers and incorporate my training because fighting her strength against strength was not happening. I used a lot of shrimping and scooting to gain advantage. I’m not going to lie, I did take advantage of her lack of formal training and tactical knowledge, but her physical gifts compensated. In our first scramble, I took the first submission via Americana armlock, one of my go-to techniques. She didn’t let her arm go without a fight; she almost lifted me off her with the arm that I eventually locked! This was a staggering site! Wow! During our first break I complimented her on strength and fighting spirit. As I always said she genuinely herself. When she was chill, she was chill. But when on the mats she was 100% LOCKED IN!

We conversed a little bit more before Round 2. This time I was more aware of her strength, and… it didn’t matter. This time she was determined that I was to go NOWHERE and executed a Full Body Pin! I was stuck for a good three minutes! After some very tiny adjustments I was able to scramble out and get into a full mount position myself. After a few adjustments, I was able to lock in a head and arm triangle lock. She fought and realizing she wasn’t going to easily exit so she granted me a second submission. This round provided the most action. Which provoked room for the most conversation. We had an amazing conversation about life and experiences. I can tell that she is not just in this industry for the money. She has a true passion for sessions and is vying to become the best wrestler/martial artist she can be! I gave her a recommendation of a reputable Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) school in Atlanta. She wrote it down; I hope she visits it soon. I plan to visit it when I get to Atlanta. I digress.

We agreed to a final round as our time drew nigh. Kendra is already adapting and decided to change tactics a little bit. She even asked me how to approach. I gave her a couple of tactics and she implemented them right away. She was already amazingly strong but now she wanted to move more efficiently. Now she was able to get to the position she wanted without so much wasted movement. Now she had me in side control and wanted to try a submission but she didn’t know which one. I saw what she wanted to do and decided to help her finish her work by teaching her the Americana (probably my number one armlock besides the Kimura). Within about 1-2 minutes she executed it perfectly! She cheers and tells me “That’s my first ever submission move!” I was more than happy to give her instruction in tapping me, honestly, she probably one of the best 5-minute students I’ve had LOL! She then referred to her email and affirmed me, “I told you I was gonna learn something from you!” I couldn’t help but chuckle. If anyone were to care to keep score, I “won” the advantage 2-1. However, this is just a microscopic side note compared to our experience together. Kendra is a phenomenal woman and provided an amazing session!

We were able to crack multiple jokes as I broke down the mats. And we exchanged goodbye hugs and well wishes. Kendra Allure certainly lives up to her last name in more ways than one. She’ll ‘Allure’ you with natural chill, smooth charisma, towering height, warming aura, Amazonian strength and power, golden brown skin, incredibly fit body, rapidly growing martial art combat ability. I mean seriously choose your fate! LOL! If you gotten this far in this read, I think you would agree that the statement of “she comes with my highest recommendation!” would be rather redundant. I truly treasure our time and I’ll go ahead and admit that I miss her. When I find way to the ATL she be the first and last name I look up! I look forward to our next session if she would honor and grace me with the privilege. Thank you for your presence and light Kendra Allure, here’s to the hope that you’ll shine through my area and I will be privileged to see you again soon! Peace and Much Love!

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